About HelloDreamers

The idea for HelloDreamers was born right after my second son, Leon. He had so much personality—where were the interesting, unique clothes to match? I wanted more for him than light blue and bears.

I soon realized I wasn’t the only mom looking for more creative options for her kids. Personally, I can’t sew; but I know quality and style when I see it! My research connected me to some incredible, exclusive brands—which I brought together under one roof to create HelloDreamers.

Many of the items you'll find here are handmade-- some even custom-- giving you the chance to own something irreplaceable that you know other children won’t be wearing. Our goal is to help you find pieces so special, you’ll want to hold on to them even after your kids outgrow them.

Our journey has only just begun, and we’re always searching for up-and-coming designers to keep our collections fresh. Stay tuned, and let’s build a world with more creativity, beauty and uniqueness– one stunning garment at a time!

Love, Karen

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