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The Best Kids Clothing Brands for Your Stylish Child

Young or old, the clothes we wear say something about us. So, when you give birth to a little one who's loaded with personality, a plain ol' t-shirt and jeans won't do. 

If you're like us, you're looking for patterns with panache. We've gone ahead and compiled a few of our favorite kids' clothing brands that'll help you dream in fall colors and embrace your holiday wonder. 


If you're in the market for sweaters, rompers, or leggings, you simply have to check out Mabli Knits. Also, if you have multiple children and are in the business of hand-me-downs, then this will be your go-to brand. 

These knits are very well-made and last forever. Mabli uses luxuriously soft Extrafine Merino wool to design "everyday" clothes that will seamlessly take your little ones from playdates to church days.

Il Guardarobino

Il Guardarobino translates to "small wardrobe" in Italian and that's precisely what this brand does. It provides essential pieces to every kid's wardrobe that can be mixed and matched to create the most stylish effect. 

From cardigans with ruffles to bordeaux sweatpants, you'll be able to create the cutest capsule wardrobe for your little one with clean, simple lines and very wearable materials. 


Treehouse was created with visions of ballerinas, circus players, and fanciful art designs. So, if you're in the market for a play on the tutu or a cute, little striped vest, then Treehouse is where it's at. They weave in organic Pima cotton and will immediately transport your kiddo into artful worlds of wonder. 

Noé & Zoë

Here's one of our favorite brands. We're talking glitter and tutus. If you're a fan of rompers with brightly-colored sketches and pink dresses coated in smileys, then you've found your new go-to brand. 

Noé & Zoë takes the most simplistic pieces and turns them into life-size artwork. Basic hoodies are coated in stars and grey melange sweaters take on the appearance of a baby yeti. If creativity is your god, then Noé & Zoë is your new favorite brand. 

I Leoncini

While Noé & Zoë is all about bright splashes of color, I Leoncini is all about clean, contemporary Scandinavian lines. Their pieces are unique, in that they offer feathered dresses and suspender skirts, but the patterns are basic and clean, as only the Scandinavians can do. 

One of our favorite pieces is this bell sleeve mini-me sweater in light pink. Top that off with their army green parka and you've got yourself a lovely little outfit. And if you happen to catch us before Halloween, use the code "HELLOWEEN" to receive 20% off today!


The Best Kids Clothing Brands for Today

It was hard to choose but, without a doubt, these are some of the best kids' clothing brands out there today. They're so stylish, you're going to wish you could slip into their Treehouse vests or Monica + Andy cardigans. 

Here at Hello Dreamers, we dream in fantastic fabrics and poignant pieces for our little ones. Some of our other favorite brands are Little Lambo and Piupiuchick. Come on over and visit our shop! We'll help you dress your pride and joy into insatiably unique pieces today!

Karen Cohen

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