5 Fashion Tips for the Young at heart (and body!)

5 Fashion Tips for the Young at heart (and body!)

Pink: No longer a clichéd color, typecast into the “romantic” genre. Its beauty is becoming more and more adored globally, and yes, also on boys. Never underestimate the power of pink. How about a stunning baby knitted vest? There’s also nothing cuter than our pink ballerina shoes, letting your bundle of joy will spread endless smiles across countless faces.

Twinning: There’s nothing more adorable than identical babies in identical clothing. If you want to make an impact this summer of 2017, twinning is definitely the way to go. Some of the biggest celebrity names on Earth are matching their precious babies to perfection. Why not try out our casual girls stripe dress matched with the boys shirt in the same pattern? Our grey baby suede shoes will also keep your little one ahead of the times, just like daddy's desert boots. After all – twinning is winning -  so make everyone see double this season!

Shine: Heads up – 2017 is the year of the shine. Both big and small fashionistas all over the world are turning heads with sparkly garments and accessories. Why not try out our leatherette weave skirt in pink? Our glittery pink moccasins are another a fairytale favorite this season, featuring special glittery leather that makes your baby stand out from the crowd.

Stripes: People all across the globe are going stripy in 2017! We at HelloDreamers have everything you need to get your baby fashion ready this season. Skinny, vertical and horizontal stripes all add an eye-catching, striking element to any outfit. Give our happy hippo silver striped shoes a try. How about a unisex striped jumpsuit? The possibilities are endless, and they’re all right here at HelloDreamers.

Unisex: The gender-neutral clothing movement is becoming growingly popular. It makes for the perfect gift; especially if the parents-to-be don’t know (or don’t want to know) their child’s gender! Further, parents have the perfect hand-me-downs that can be transferred from baby to baby, regardless of the gender. Check out our our baby baggy pants in white? Our baby t-shirt in yellow also looks great on both boys and girls alike!

Karen Cohen

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