5 Must-Have Tinycottons Clothing Items for Your Fashionable Child

5 Must-Have Tinycottons Clothing Items for Your Fashionable Child

1. The Friendly Bags Fleece Dress

Who doesn't love a great dress for their child? They're easy to put on and they make potty training simple. In the winter season, you also need a dress that also keeps your child warm.

The friendly bags fleece dress is a perfect choice. The warm fabric and long sleeves will keep any child cozy day and night.

2. The One-Piece Horse Fun Run

One of the greatest joys in parenthood is sharing your own interests and passions with your kids. If you love horses or animals, the horse fun run one-piece is perfect for your child.

With short sleeves and long legs, this comfy one-piece is perfect for the warmer months. The buttons on the chest also make it stylish when you pair it with an adorable baby of infant jeans.

3. The Color Block Sweater

Color block styles have been at the height of fashion for the past few autumns and winters and they show no signs of stopping. Why not get your child on board with a color block sweater?

This warm knit sweater will keep your child toasty at any age because it comes in sizes ranging from 2 years to 10 years.

4. The Frills Towel Sweatshirt

What about parents who want beautiful autumn wear for their child but they want it to have a more feminine touch? The frills towel sweatshirt was designed with you in mind.

As soft and comfortable as this sweatshirt is, it features signature frills at the shoulders. This small detail takes the sweatshirt from basic to beautiful and full of girly flair.

5. The Corduroy Baby One Piece

Corduroy is one of the most classic and timeless fabrics around, so why not give that style to your baby?

This corduroy one-piece has a vintage pleated style along with snaps at the bottom that make it convenient for diaper changes.

Giving Your Child the Gift of Tinycottons

Kids are much like adults: they want to feel confident in what they're wearing and how they look. Tinycottons has struck the perfect balance between comfort, function, and style for kids and babies.

To start building your child's wardrobe, shop our selection of Tinycottons clothes today.

Karen Cohen

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